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Here are a few Basic Beading Techniques you can learn with us in our Basic Beading Classes:

Basic Stringing:
 Learn the foundation of designing and making beaded jewelry, its tools and structure, and the distinctions of the cording and findings available. Beads Plus will work and play with basic design ideas, spacing, color and lengths for different projects. We will show you our time and money saving skills when creating jewelry.

Pearl Knotting: In the Pearl Knotting class, you will learn a quick and easy way to knot between beads. Using a single silk cord, you will learn how to knot beads in a traditional method. Silk and knots add flexibility and protection to your finished necklace.

Links and Earrings: The Links and Earrings class is designed to combine wire and beads. The techniques taught in this class are a necessity to any other type of wire class. This is a beginner class that teaches you how to form wire into loops, coils and wraps with lots of emphasis on uniformity.

Wraps and Coils: In the Wraps and Coils class, you’ll learn how to add design elements to your existing loops, add coils to the top of beads for earring drops or the ends of chains, or make your clasps.

Wrap Bracelets: Learn how to make these wrap bracelets. We have improved upon the current methods and we like it! In this class, you will learn the weave required to make these bracelets from start to finish, as well as a double overhand knot.

Braided Bracelet: Using a basic braid, we will "lock” beads in place, creating a frame around each bead in the Braided Bracelet class. Choose a bead down the center or two smaller beads on the outsides! Both a fun and fashionable look. These look great stacked or singly. We will make a single wrap in this class.

Beaded Tassels: Beaded Tassels are everywhere! Accent a beaded necklace, make a lariat with two tassels, a beaded tassel zipper pull … so many more! With this skill, you can make necklaces, or bracelets for everyday wear, or a special occasion. Mix wire color and bead colors for many variations of this simple design. Learn it all in the Beaded Tassels class.

We also offer these following Classes:
Basic Wire Wrap
  •  Intermediate Wire Wrap  •  Advanced Wire Wrap
Prayer Beads
  •  Rock Painting  •  String Art with Indian Ink
Mandala Class
  •  Wire Sculpting  •  Rhinestone & Embellishment Work

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